Thursday 2 March 2017

Review: The Wedding Speech (Short Story) by Isabelle Broom

Ed waited until all the eyes in the room were on him before he began. He took a deep breath, inhaling as he did so the sweet scent from the lilies, which were arranged extravagantly in front of him. 'Ladies and gents, I promise to try and keep this short and sweet…' 

When Billy asked his best mate Ed to be his best man, Ed knew he would have to make a speech and he was dreading it. But he also knew how important it was to Billy - and to his soul mate and wife-to-be, Amelia. So Ed is determined to do them proud. But little does he know that it will be the most important speech he will ever make, and his toast - 'To Billy and Amelia - together forever' - will mean more than he ever thought. 

A beautiful short story to remind you of the importance of love.

Review: This was a short story and it was just such a lovely read, I don't know why it took me so long to read it!

We start at the beginning of the book hearing Billy's best man Ed reading a speech. We know there are friends and family around and we get to see their reactions. Although it sounds rather odd that this whole short story is just one speech, we get to learn so much about these people in the speech and it just feels so right!

I loved what a compassionate man Ed was, I liked that he wasn't afraid to share his feelings, to shed a tear and I liked that he thought of others. We can see him mentioning people in his speech and then checking their reactions. There are moments of laughter but also times to cry. 

This was definitely an emotional read, and for a short story, it is something that has stayed with me. I loved this little insight into these people and hope that I will get to hear more from them soon in this future. You will love this story and I definitely recommend downloading this one now!

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