Wednesday 12 September 2018

Guest review: Sunrise at Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett

After a nightmare year, Mia Sutherland is hoping for a fresh start! She’s putting the past behind her and pouring all her savings into renovating a crumbling guesthouse in peaceful Butterfly Cove. Nothing will distract her from achieving her dreams!
That is, until her very first guest, Daniel Fitzwilliam arrives – quite possibly, the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. He’s only here for a week, but already Daniel has turned her world upside-down. And as the tide turns, it’s clear that Butterfly Cove has more than one surprise in store for Mia…
An uplifting and heartwarming read, perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley, Rachael Lucas and Hilary Boyd. Look out for Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove, the second book in the enchanting Butterfly Cove trilogy.

Review: As soon as I saw this book and its enticing title, I just had to find out what it was all about. I was lucky enough to find that my local library had a copy of the audio book, so I was able to listen to it. Once I began to listen, I was quickly grabbed by this tale and wanted to keep on listening, even when I should have been doing something else - the mark of a good story. I haven't come across anything written by Sarah Bennett before, but found that this title is the first part of a trilogy. If the other parts are as good as this one, then I will quickly become a fan of her writing.

This book contains the story of two troubled people brought together by fate, with a little help from an interfering but well intentioned friend. Mia is coming to terms with having been tragically widowed and is trying for a fresh start, renovating a somewhat rundown guest house by the sea. Daniel is a renowned photographer for whom life in the limelight has become too much and is looking for a more simple existence. As Daniel gets drawn into Mia's project, will their friendship blossom or will it progress beyond mere friendship?

I really enjoyed this book, although I did find the speed with which Mia was willing to let Daniel, a complete stranger, into her life a little unbelievable. The characters were, in the main, likeable. In addition to the central players, Mia's friends who she has met since moving to her new house, her in-laws and Daniel's friends since childhood are all people I would like to have as friends - genuine, loyal and dependable. The other aspect of the story that I couldn't not mention is Mia's cooking; the narrative is peppered with the most delicious sounding meals, all conjured up with such ease and smelling as well as tasting really mouthwatering. This is one guest house I would enjoy visiting when it gets up and running. I'm really looking forward to catching up with developments when I read part 2 of this trilogy.

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