Sunday 16 September 2018

Movie Reviews: September 1st-15th

So normally I only review the films I have seen in the cinema over the course of a week, but since I started out reviewing the first 7 Marvel films last time, I thought I would continue by reviewing the rest of the Marvel films I have seen and not all of them have been in the cinema, most of them have been on a plane!

I haven't quite finished the whole thing yet but I am getting close so I will make sure I review the final Marvel films that I watch, I don't start something and then never finish it after all (unless its a bad book, life's to short to struggle through bad books!)

I saw this in IMAX and 3D and I thought it was really good. I am still struggling with the 3D but I am seeing progression in the quality of the film and the special effects as the movies go on. I still really love Captain America's fight for good and against evil and I was really glad that some of the other characters feature in this film too. I feel like we got to see a little bit more of Captain America's history in this and obviously got to find out who The Winter Soldier is!

Of course I loved this one, I think out of all the ones I was going to see in the cinema as part of the IMAX marathon, this was the one I was looking forward to the most! This was also in 3D and you really got a good depth with the 3D I did feel like it was worth it! I loved Chris Pratt, and indeed all the other people in this film. I had seen the characters in Avengers Infinity War so I knew kind of how they tied together but the comedy and the music in this one made it really entertaining and really accessible and I like how it was almost a complete standalone, almost!

This was the first of my plane watches, having said that, the screens on Delta flights are really good so I do think the quality of this was still pretty high, but having watched the other 2 in IMAX and 3D the day before, obviously I could tell the difference. I really like the avengers films, I love seeing all the characters together and seeing how they interact with each other. I loved the bonds that some of the unlikeliest of them form and the way one strength compliments another. This one got quite destructive and I was glad to see some of this destruction acknowledged in future films...

Wow this one got really dark, I think this is definitely the darkest of all the films I have seen, I was really quite worried for everyone whilst watching this film. I hated seeing cracks form in the Avengers having just decided how much I loved them as a team. I like the fact that even though sides were formed, there are still a couple of rebels in the group. This film felt like it was definitely a bit of a stepping stone to something else. Although a lot of stuff does happen in this film and certain conclusions are drawn, I was watching thinking that they were setting up future storylines and future films. I didn't like how dark it was but I did like seeing the Avengers together in the loosest sense of the word. I watched this one on Netflix. 

This one was just really sweet, it was just so sweet and so lovely. I loved the relationship between Spiderman and Iron Man or Peter and Mr Stark, it was amusing but also so true to the way I think it should and would have been having got to know these characters from previous films. I liked the fact that Peter had to deal with school things and the usual teen stuff throughout the film as well, this felt very real. I also loved the setting and would love to see more of Spiderman with The Avengers! I watched this one on Sky Go.

Another one where I loved the relationship between the characters, this time Thor and Hulk. This one is recent enough that I remember seeing the trailer for it in the cinema and seeing that moment where Thor and Hulk come face to face for the first time again. I think this film had a lot of humour in it as well and I loved seeing references to other things that had gone on before and the relationship between Thor and Loki and Thor and Hulk previously. These later films seem to be tying things together from earlier in the story lines more and more and I am so here for that but it does make it more difficult if you haven't seen them all, like I was before I started this quest. I watched this one on the plane back. 

Then I jumped right into watching this one, back to back Marvel movies on a flight, there's a way to pass 10 hours! So I think that this one is probably my least favourite of those I have seen so far. I liked the fact that it felt a lot more like a standalone so you could see this one without having seen  the others. I did find myself drifting a little bit whilst watching this one and its not like I have my phone or other things to distract me, I was strapped into a plane seat. Just because it is my least favourite SO FAR doesn't mean that I didn't like it. I like the history it gave and the fact that it takes place in another location, I think these films are great for introducing you to new places. I also liked the importance of family in this film, I guess I just wish maybe Iron Man had made an appearance or something-ha!

And then I went straight onto Avengers Infinity War again which mad SO much more sense having watched almost all of the other films now. I knew who people were and I knew what the storyline was about. The other people they mention in the film also made sense because before when they were talking about phoning Steve Rogers, I had no clue of the significance of that/him and now I do, having already seen this in the cinema, obviously I knew what was going to happen but this time I did do a little cry! Whereas seeing it in the cinema, other people had talked about crying at it and I didn't but now I know why. This has also left me desperate for the new film, I get it now, and I'm so pleased I do!

I have missed out a few films and I am in the process of watching them and I do know that I have watched them out of order but I did consult my Marvel expert before doing this so I think I'm fine. I am halfway through Guardians 2 because I wasn't able to finish watching it whilst in the UK. I am also halfway through Dr Strange because i started it and then fell asleep thanks to jet lag! I have Ant Man on hold from the library and Ant Man and the Wasp is still in cinemas so I will see that as soon as I have seen Ant Man and I am literally about to watch Thor: Dark World on Blu Ray, this is the one I was supposed to see in IMAX 3D but I had to go home and go to sleep so I wimped out! And then I'll be done!

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