Sunday 2 September 2018

Movie Reviews: August 26th-31st

Well I went to watch a marvel marathon this week so if you don't like marvel, you might not want to see my thoughts below... As always, my views are non-spoiler and for a more in depth review, you can watch my movie reviews video on my BookTube channel which is generally at the end of this post or follow the link in the BookTube tab at the top of this page! All of these were in IMAX and some were in 3D so I feel like I did it right...

I really enjoyed this one, Tony Stark is an awesome character and I think this is a great start to this movie franchise. I didn't expect there to be so much military action involve but this seems to be a theme that marvel has. This movie definitely follows the trope of, if i can build an awesome machine, I'll have to fight someone who can build a bigger one! I didn't like the women in this film, again a found this with a few of the films, but I think that I am a fan of Iron Man!

Having watched Avengers Infinity War first, I was confused when The Hulk wasn't Mark Ruffalo, Ed Norton was fine but to me he isn't The Incredible Hulk. I think this has been my least favourite of the films so far and again follows that same trope of if I have a genetic mutation, there's someone else with a bigger one who I will have to beat. I didn't fin Liv Tyler at all believable in this movie, she is supposed to be a scientist but she acts majorly silly most of time time so I really could have done without her, I do not ship her and Hulk!

It was great to go back to Iron Man again in the second movie. Unfortunately Gwyneth Paltrow was in this one too and she hasn't improved any in my eyes. Scarlett Johannssen on the other hand-loved her and can't wait to see more of her in future films. I liked the fact that some of this was set at the Monaco Grand Prix and I thought Sam Rockwell was really funny, but what was with all that fake tan on his hands?

This was completely different from the first 3 films, Norse mythology? Hello! I enjoyed this film for different reasons, i enjoyed the fact that the book of Norse mythology featured in the film, it was a good reference. Anthony Hopkins was awesome in this one, as were all the actors and none of the women annoyed me-yey! This was in 3D which I didn't think did anything to enhance it and I watched more than half of it without the glasses on!

I loved the first Captain America movie. I thought it was great to see a guy fighting for what's right even it if may hurt him. I loved Stanley Tucci in this and wish he had had more screen time. I thought it was interesting that we have another war being fought in this one and I thought the trope of "I have to fight someone with the same genetic mutation only more evil' was done really well and kept my interest!

I can see now what all the fuss is about The Avengers films. This was great seeing all of the characters I have got to know so far from these films coming together to fight the bad guys. It allows them all to showcase their strength as well, how they each work differently. Yey for Mark Ruffalo being back as The Hulk and I loved his storyline in this one, can't wait to see more of him as an avenger. I also enjoyed getting to see more of the assassins, proving that you don't have to have a genetic mutation in order to kick-ass!

The final Iron Man film, safe to say I really like these movies, I am a big Tony Stark fan but I am so ready for him to have a new love interest please-I have some suggestions. This one has the message of renewable energy sources and good and clean living, a little like the Captain America Films. I really liked the fact that I saw this one straight after seeing Avengers because I really knew what Iron Man was thinking about having gone through what he went through in New York!

Yes i watched these films back to back and yes this is the first time I have seen any of them so these are my first and true initial reactions.

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