Sunday 23 September 2018

Movie Reviews: September 16th-22nd

Welcome to another movie reviews post, as always, I do go into a little bit more detail in the video on my YouTube channel so if you want to hear more in depth thoughts on any of these films, head over there, the video is linked at the bottom of this post and has time stamps for each movie. 

I've already shared my thoughts on this one, but it was lovely to re-watch this with my best friend rather than the first watch on my own!

I also made a book vs movie video about this one which I will leave at the bottom of this post. I really enjoyed this one, it seemed a lot more light hearted than the book and there were definitely some laugh out loud moments. Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick were great on screen together, I would LOVE them to do something else in the future because their chemistry was just brilliant! For a domestic thriller, it isn't the most violent of films but there are plenty of twists and turns which had the audience I saw it with gasping at points. I had read the book so I knew what was coming. Also shout out to Andrew Rannalls who is wonderful in everything that he does and was the great addition to this film too!

This was much more of a thriller than the film above. It was very violent and involved a very high death count, however this is a female lead and so somehow feels slightly less brutal-is that possible? Had this been a book (I don't know whether it is or not) it would be an amazing thriller with twists you don't see coming and a really satisfying ending. Jennifer Garner is so powerful in this film and manages to switch between playing a grieving widow and mother to playing someone who will stop at nothing to get her revenge. The vigilante aspect of this film reminds me of super hero movies but the message of the lengths that mothers will go to for their children is also very strong!

I finished watching this film on netflix, jetlag meant I had to do this one in 2 parts. I loved it. The comedy was fab, the music was awesome, of course and the cast are just brilliant. I fell in love with baby Groot just the same as everyone else I know who has watched the film. Chris Pratt is just so funny and has a very Han Solo quality about hims o works perfectly in this role. One of the best things about this film aside from everything I've already mentioned is that message of family, not just the one you're born into but the friends you choose later in life and the people who actually raise you and influence you growing up-loved it!

Last week I said that I thought Black Panther was my least favourite Marvel film out of the franchise that I've watched so far, but I think that place has been taken by this film. I just didn't really connect with it at all. Obviously I loved the main character, who doesn't want to watch him on screen-although I think he would have been better just keeping his English accent. But I felt there was so much in this film that needed explaining when surely the storyline should have explained most of it as I was watching. I liked the variety of settings in this one and the supporting actors were also really strong, its seems Marvel has their pick of actors when it comes to their films. But I don't think I could explain to you now what happened in this film, and I don't really think I mind that!

I have 3 more marvel movies left to watch and then I will be all caught up! I am heading to the cinema today so you can expect more movie reviews next week on here and on my BookTube channel and I do have another book vs movie video coming up on there soon so make sure you head over and subscribe!

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