Sunday 3 February 2019

Movie Reviews: January 26th-February 2nd 2018

Another Sunday, another lot of movie reviews. As always, I go into more detailed thoughts on my movie reviews video over on my BookTube channel which I will leave at the bottom of this post once it is live so if you want a little more detail, give that a watch please and thank you!

This is part of our effort to watch all the IMDB top 100 movies. I also read the book in January so I MAY make a book vs movie video about it. I enjoyed it. There isn't as much detail as in the book but I was glad I had seen a classic!

Yes I went to see this one again. It was nice going into it with no expectations and knowing the plot and the songs so I think I did enjoy it more this time!

This one really wasn't for me. I know it has been nominated for 10 oscars and has an important message but I just didn't find it enjoyable to watch and it didn't give me that escapism that I look for when I'm watching a movie. If you love quite films that are black and white that you can watch with subtitles then this one is definitely for you!

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