Saturday 21 March 2020

24 in 48 Social Distance Readathon TBR

This weekend sees an impromptu readathon from some of my favourites, the 24 in 48 team-yey!

They rather cleverly noticed that we might be spending a little more time reading in the coming weeks and thought that it would be wonderful if we could all do this together in the form of one of their very social 24 in 48 readathons. Yes we're going to be reading for 24 hours this weekend and I can't wait. You can see their wesbsite here for more details. We'll be using the hashtag #StayHome24in48

So I have been thinking a lot about my TBR, especially because my library books aren't due back anytime soon and I definitely have more time to prioritse what I want to read and when so my TBR is going to consist of some ebooks and audiobooks this weekend. I feel like my Kindle get neglected and I often wait for some of the newer releases to come out in audiobook before reading them so my TBR looks a little like this...

These are the ebooks I have to choose from this weekend

And these are the audiobooks I have to choose from...

A great selection, I think you'll agree? What are you planning on reading this weekend?

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