Monday 2 March 2020

Blog Tour: Extract From Summer Thunder by AB Gibson

I am very excited to be part of the blog tour today for Summer Thunder by AB Gibson. I have an extract to share with you today and if you like the sound of that, you can click here to order your copy now. Don't forget to check out the other stops on the tour for more exclusive content and reviews. 

Here's what it's all about...

A Modern-Day Fairytale That Will Have Readers Swooning
Lily is headstrong, independent, and stuck in a loop of bad luck. She makes fairy figurines that customers buy to bring them good luck, but her merchandise doesn’t seem to do the same for her. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t believe in them.
Theos is handsome and charismatic, a kite-surfing superstar who travels the world. So why is he drawn to Lily and the store on a California beach she struggles to keep afloat? And could she be the one to trigger the awakening of his unusual destiny?

And here's that extract for you...

Are you about ready, Lil? We’ve got a nice crowd.” Next door Lily was struggling with her costume. “Hang on,” she shouted into her speaker‐ phone. “One of my wings is jammed.” “Couldn’t you just fake it for now? I don’t want them to leave.” “Greta, calm down, okay? I’m working as fast as I can.” She gave one final tug, and the mechanism clicked into place. “There, fixed it! Let’s go!” The doors of their side-by-side shops flung open, and Lily and Greta emerged in full costume through the swirling thick carpet of theatrical fog and took their marks. Greta’s fog machine never failed to in‐ trigue the tourists, not that fake fog was novel. What made the effect so unexpected was finding such spookiness along the Myers Beach Boardwalk on a bright, sunny spring California morning. 

Equally unlikely for the random collection of passersby was stumbling onto a battle between good and evil. “Begone, witch!” Lily waived her luminescent wand in great protective circles to fend off the fright‐ ful-looking hag and the evil spell she threatened to cast her way. “You don’t scare me,” cackled Greta, as she limped closer using her broomstick as a crutch. Lily, the fair-skinned fairy, sparkled with good‐ ness and her perfect creamy complexion reflected glints of silver and gold. Her motorized delicate pink pointy wings fluttered cautiously, in sync with her defensive position. “I’ll show you, my pretty,” sneered Greta the Witch, inducing predictable snickers from those who stayed to witness the feud play out. Thin wisps of greenish smoke circled up like tendrils from the or‐ nate urn she shoved in Lily’s face. The fairy scrunched her nose at the odor and waved away the fumes. “I said, begone! You can’t hurt me.”

 Each spectator privately took sides, but there was a collective gasp when Lily unexpectedly flung a handful of powder into the air. All eyes followed the dazzling pinkish cloud of glitter as it slowly filtered down and enveloped the witch. “Bah! Look what you’ve done!” coughed Greta. “I’ll get you for ruining my day with your prettiness!” She shook a clenched fist at the fairy one final time before slouching backwards and disappearing through the murky fog into her store. “Brava!” shouted someone from the crowd. Lily turned toward the cheering voice and made her signature petite curtsy. Then, closing her eyes she returned the favor with a wave of her wand to be‐ stow goodness on her enthusiastic well-wishers. She opened her eyes, and her face fell when saw that she’d lost her audience. Greta had reemerged through the fog and with a grand swish of her cloak bowed her head and dropped to one knee like a diva, upstaging Lily. 

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