Wednesday 18 March 2020

Guest Review: The Break Up by Tilly Tennant

Lara and Theo are meant to be. They just don’t know it yet…
Lara loves her job as a wedding planner. She gets to organise other people’s perfect days and make sure nothing ever goes wrong.
Theo loves his job as a jazz musician, working unpredictable hours and giving other people great nights out.
Lara knows she’s got high standards. But there’s nothing wrong with getting things right… so why has it stopped her finding Mr Right?
Theo knows people think he’s a bit scruffy, a bit too laid back. But there’s nothing wrong with setting your own pace… if only he could find someone who wanted to live life at his speed.
It’s okay, though. Lara gets to come home in the evening and have heart-to-hearts with her greedy grey cat Fluffy. And Theo can come home in the early hours and unwind with his loyal cat Satchmo.
What they don’t know is that it’s the same cat.
And when they find out – standing in the street in their pyjamas, both on the hunt for their lost pet – sparks of the wrong sort will fly…

Review: As a huge fan of anything written by Tilly Tennant, I was really excited to find that she had a new book out and couldn’t wait to get started reading. As I anticipated, the story had me drawn in right from the start, laughing and crying with its characters right to the end.

On what she feels has to be the worst night of her life, wedding planner Lara arrives home to find a bedraggled kitten begging to be let in out of the rain. Although never having planned to have a pet cat, Lara takes him in, and Fluffy soon becomes her new best friend and confidant. However, while searching the streets for him one night, she discovers that Fluffy has been two-timing her with musician Theo, who believes that the cat (known in Theo’s house as Satchmo) belongs to him. The argument over cat ownership rages on for some months where Lara unfortunately can’t seem to stop bumping into Theo, but her feelings of annoyance are gradually changing to something else, perhaps even attraction. Meanwhile, Lara’s business is growing nicely, some of her experiences with weddings being hilarious, but others horrendous. Lara’s young assistant, Betsy, and her mother, Fay, also add humorous episodes to the narrative.

I very much enjoyed this light romantic comedy. As well as a nice balance of romance and humour, the story covered quite a range of emotions as Lara suffered betrayal from one direction, found real friendship from another and picked herself up from despair to success in a new venture; a really heart warming tale. I liked all of the main characters in the story, with the obvious exception of Lara’s ex and her difficult clients. I’m not sure I could deal with people like that and remain professional. I was a little worried about Theo and how he could make a living with his casual approach to his music; perhaps he was working more than came out in the story. The only thing that did disappoint me slightly was that the book came to an end quite suddenly. I felt that there was something missing between the last two chapters. That said, I think that this is definitely another Tilly Tennant book that would make a nice addition to anyone’s collection.

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