Thursday 12 March 2020

Review: The Little Dreams of Lara Cliffe by Milly Johnson

Lara Cliffe and her three friends are off on a mini break for her hen party.  It’s three weeks before her wedding to ’Steady Freddie’, one of the kindest men on the planet.  But something is worrying Lara. Her friends say it’s wedding jitters, but she isn’t so sure.  Fifteen years ago the love of her life, Danny Belfont, walked out on her three weeks before their wedding and she has never been able to fully get him out of her heart.
Then, on the overnight ferry, Lara finds out that Danny is playing in the onboard band and he spots her in the crowd. Will she meet him the next night to talk?
As the wonderful city of Amsterdam works its magic on Lara, she tries to sort out her thoughts.  And if fate has brought Lara and Danny back together … is it really for love or for something quite different? 

Review: Oh I loved travelling to Amsterdam with Lara and her friends. I have done that ferry crossing and so I could easily picture the things they were doing but even if you haven't travelled in the same footsteps as this group of friends, you will be rewarded with the fun of the ship as well as a virtual tour of Amsterdam, so much fun!

I really loved the characters we get to meet in this book, you can imagine their friendships and how they have changed over the years as they have grown up, got married and had babies. This is such a realistic portrayal of women my age and how their friendships have to stand the test of time in this way. I really loved that fact that Vicky, Jo and Pip are all so different from one another but are so loyal to each other and to Lara. 

There is quite a lot of drama contained in the very few pages of this book so be prepared for the whirlwind of past boyfriends, sex museums and of course a little seasickness. This book is divided into three parts and a bit of an epilogue so if you're expecting something that isn't fully developed in just under 100 pages, you would be wrong. This read had a little bit of everything and is just the perfect choice as one of this year's quick reads titles. 

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