Thursday 7 January 2021

Bout of Books 30 Day 2 Update

Today was another pretty good readathon day. I love the 8am reading in place reading sprint. I also hosted reading sprints live on my BookTube channel which was really fun. I'll be doing that again on Thursday.

I finished another couple of books so I am happily on track. I'm pleased I got ahead with an ebook because tomorrow will be more audiobook heavy. I think I would like to add some poetry to my TBR, this would make me happy!

What I Read

I listened to the remainder of this book equating to 78 pages. I love that the main character in this is pansexual. 

I also started listening to the audiobook of this so I can watch the movie and make a book vs movie over on my channel! I ended up listening to the whole thing and boy was it really NOT what I expected! 241 pages.

I read the rest of this ebook. I really don't know what to make of it. It was funny but also crime-like and sad and a little disconnected. I really need to gather my thoughts! This counts for 176 pages. 

Pages Read Today: 495

Pages Read This Week: 1287

Complete Books Finished: 4

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