Friday 8 January 2021

Bout of Books 30 Day 3 Update

Today was an audiobook heavy day and I knew it would be like that going into the week. I saved up all errands etc to do in one day and so I basically just listened when I was in the car. 

I had every intention of reading some ebook when I got home in the evening but I was very tired from all the news of the day and so I just did dinner, bath and then into bed. I don't think I even listened to more audiobook before bed. 

I didn't take part in any reading sprints today and I also still haven't posted anything over in Instagram, just not feeling social media right now! 

What I Read

I listened to this when I was out and about in the car. I listened to 50% of this equating to 152 pages.

Pages Read Today: 152

Pages Read This Week: 1439

Complete Books Finished: 4

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