Friday 8 January 2021

Bout of Books 30 Day 4 Update

Today wasn't the most productive day in terms of reading. I read some ebook during my live reading sprint on my BookTube and I also listened to some audiobook in the gym. 

Other than those sessions though I really wasn't feeling great today, just exhausted by my own headache and so I mainly napped and recuperated. 

I love that even though I haven't done much reading of sorts these past 2 days, I am still on track for my goals for the week and I also really loved the reading I have done in this time!

What I Read

I listened to the other half of this audiobook. I really REALLY love Julie Buxbaum's story telling, subtle humour and subtle nods to social justice. Also it has an authors note-LOVE those! 152 pages.

I started reading Rescue Me even though I've been told that this book will make me cry. I read during 2 sprints today and go to 25%. 100 pages.

Pages Read Today: 252

Pages Read This Week: 1691

Complete Books Finished: 5

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