Friday 8 January 2021

Review: Sunset Over Brightwater Bay by Holly Hepburn

On paper, Merina Wilde has it all: a successful career writing the kind of romantic novels that make even the hardest hearts swoon, a perfect carousel of book launches and parties to keep her social life buzzing, and a childhood sweetheart who thinks she’s a goddess. But Merry has a secret: the magic has stopped flowing from her fingers. Try as she might, she can’t summon up the sparkle that makes her stories shine. And as her deadline whooshes by, her personal life falls apart too. Alex tells her he wants something other than the future she’d always imagined for them and Merry finds herself single for the first time since – well, ever.

Desperate to get her life back on track, Merry leaves London and escapes to the windswept Orkney Islands, locking herself away in a secluded clifftop cottage to try to heal her heart and rediscover her passion for writing. But can the beauty of the islands and the kindness of strangers help Merry to fool herself into believing in love again, if only long enough to finish her book? Or is it time for her to give up the career she’s always adored and find something new to set her soul alight?

Review: Ah this was such a lovely conclusion to Merry's story but I really really REALLY hope that this isn't the last we've seen of this setting because I, for one, am not ready to leave yet! Please tell me there's more. 

This last installment just solidifies the whole series mentality of community and new friends. It also says a lot about found family. Merry and Jess are so close knit and we get to find out more about their relation ship as friends who are basically family in this last installment. Merry has also made so many new friends as writer in residence and seeing her become part of the community was really lovely. 

This book is also a whole love letter to books and the power that they have. And also libraries and how important they are especially in more remote commentaries like this. This finally installment has just as much wonderful description of the crashing waves and the craggy rocks as the previous offerings and I just felt like I was there with Merry in her cottage, a large dram of Highland Park keeping me company (yes i ordered some after reading the first book) and I really am not ready to leave. 

I loved getting to meet Merry and the gang and I would love to catch up with them again next year. I really recommend this series and now you can read all four parts together!

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