Thursday 4 February 2021

Review: Married at First Swipe by Claire Frost

 Hannah lives life on the edge. Never one to pass up on a new adventure, she has truly been living her best life. But once the adrenaline wears off, she wishes she had someone to spend the quieter moments with too. Learning that her best friend’s online dating business has taken a hit, she comes up with an idea that just might solve both of their problems...

Jess has been with her husband for twenty years. They have a stable marriage, great kids and run their own businesses. But what looks like a perfect life from the outside has its own problems within, and with her business on the brink Jess can’t help but wonder where the spark has gone in her life, and whether settling down is all it’s cracked up to be.
When Hannah embarks upon her latest scheme: finding a man using Jess’s dating app and meeting him for the first time at the altar, both women start to realise the grass isn't always greener. Can Hannah help her friend save her failing business or will Jess stop her from making what could be the biggest mistake of her life?
In the modern tech-fuelled world of dating, is it possible to find true love? 

Review: Ah another classic romcom with a very modern twist from Claire Frost. This is one of the first times I have seen a modern marriage in today's society portrayed as well as this in a novel and I was here supporting Jess and Tom all the way. I also love the way this writer has taken the popularity of reality dating shows and mixed it into this novel, what happens once the cameras stop though? We get to find out to some extent here. 

Jess is a great character and I defy anyone not to instantly get along with her. She has seen a gap in the market and an opportunity and made a successful dating business out of it. She is a mum and a wife at the same time and, like most of us, she feels like she is a failing at all of her roles. Social media and FOMO certainly doesn't help with this feeling but drinking gin with her bestie certainly does. I love how real Jess is, I could totally imagine her being my best friend. 

Hannah is a whole different kettle of fish and unfortunately I think the selfish side of her is a product of society and a product of being sold a life style online and through the traditions of a British family that are imposed on us from a very early age. She is definitely harder to like than Jess but I really did warm to her and want her to succeed throughout the novel. It is so hard when you've been living alone and picking up to go and travel whenever you want to then jump into a marriage just because that is what society says is the next step in your life. It's what happens afterwards that matters. 

This writer is just brilliant at really understanding social media and how brands operate online and that really shows through her books and the plot lines that she goes down. I really love how something that is a big part of my life gets incorporated into a novel like this. I was so here for reading about how this whole married at first swipe idea took off on all the socials and the fall out from that. Another thing I really loved about this book was it's Manchester setting. It's not another London romcom and that in itself was truly refreshing!

I loved this book and I know you will too. If you want a romcom that is escapist but also reflects real life then you have found it with Married at First Swipe!

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