Monday 22 February 2021

Bog Blitz: Say Hello Not Goodbye by Andrea Office @FilmFan06 @lovebooksgroup

Today I am part of the blog blitz celebrating Say Hello Not Goodbye by Andrea Office. I am sharing the bkurb, the cover and the author info with you today and keep your eyes out for the blog tour for this book coming up soon!

Here's what it's all about...

The last few years have been hard for Catherine Lothbury. Suffering from agoraphobia she's never left the sanctuary of her house, and with no friends to help her, she starts to think that she'll be stuck inside forever.

Enter Elliot Farringdon, a soldier in the British army, who vows to help Catherine overcome her fears, and reintroduces her to the outside world.

Their friendship quickly turns into something more, but when Elliot is sent away on deployment, Catherine finds herself feeling far more alone than she did before. And when he doesn't return home, she starts to believe that she's lost him forever.

Author Bio
As someone who grew up reading any book she could get her hands on it wasn't long until Andrea realised she wanted to be an author. She's been writing stories since she was in school and over the many years has developed her craft into what it is today.

After studying journalism at university she found her inspiration to become a writer and her debut novel "Who We Are" tries to answer one important question- can someone who's been a criminal for nearly his whole life turn his life around and be seen as the hero he wants to be?

Updates on new releases can be found on her blog:

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