Thursday 19 August 2021

Guest Review: The Seaside Cocktail Campervan by Caroline Roberts

Next stop: seaside, sunshine and romance!

When Lucy isn’t in her cosy cottage by the sea, she’s winding through the Northumberland coast with her loveable Dachsund Daisy, cooking up a storm at the local village celebrations. Inspired by her Italian Poppa, Lucy’s chasing a new dream with her pizza van business. And at one particular party she meets Jack, the brooding but gorgeous owner of the Cocktail Campervan.

Wary of repeating mistakes of the past, Lucy and Jack keep it strictly business. But as the summer drifts by in a swirl of garden parties, fun and fizz, laughs and celebrations, and as the cocktail campervan creates the community they so desperately need, romance starts to blossom – one stop at a time…

Review: I was instantly attracted to this book when I saw the intriguing cover and realised it was a new release from Caroline Roberts, an author whose books I have enjoyed previously. The cover is indeed cleverly drawn, and tells a lot about what is going on in the pages within. I sat down to read this book and was instantly drawn into the lives of the main characters; for me, it was finished all too soon.

The story revolves around Jack and Lucy, both of whom have set up their own catering businesses. Jack is serving delicious cocktails and other drinks from his converted red VW campervan, while Lucy, with her Italian roots, is serving equally delicious pizzas from her converted horse box. The businesses are based in the Northumberland coast, where Jack and Lucy take their respective vehicles to a range of events, from private birthday celebrations to festivals. They meet at one such event and continue to bump into each other as the summer of celebrations progresses. After a somewhat fiery start to their relationship, friendship grows, but they are determined not to get emotionally involved. Can romance find a way in anyway?

I thought this was a really entertaining story, filled with fun characters and situations. I loved the idea of the two food vans and my mouth was watering with the descriptions of the cocktails and pizzas. The book was cleverly written, each chapter introduced with an invitation to a particular event where the food vans are present. These events are in various lovely locations in the Northumberland coastal area. Both Jack and Lucy have pasts that are holding them back from starting a new relationship - a situation that has the reader feeling desperate for them to find a way forward. Just when you think that there may be a chance for romance, something always seems to get in the way. I must, of course, mention another important character in the story. This is an adorable little dachshund by the name of Daisy who travels with Lucy and gets up to some great antics. The book ends with recipes for some interesting sounding cocktails, cakes and pizza, which I shall be trying out. I can definitely recommend this easy to read book for a slice of escapism this summer.

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