Wednesday 11 August 2021

Guest Review: Summer Serendipity at the Twist and Turn Bakery by Helen J Rolfe

It’s summer in Heritage Cove, the picturesque village by the sea. Join some of your favourite characters and welcome new faces in this uplifting, romantic read brimming with character, community and friendship…

The Heritage Bakery is finally getting the makeover it deserves, with sisters Jade and Celeste modernising the place and putting their own stamp on it while retaining all the charm of days gone by. But Jade has far more planned than a brand-new kitchen and fancy cake designs. She’s ready for an even bigger change in her life. It’s almost time to take the next step and she knows just what to do to make that happen.

Etna owns the village tea rooms and when she hears that local man Harvey is looking for a labourer to help him renovate the bakery after being let down at the last minute, she suggests to her nephew Linc that it may just be the change he needs to get his head straight. Linc arrives in the Cove willing to give it a go and he works hard, but what he hadn’t envisaged was anything bordering on a romance - not with his track record or what he’s involved in right now.

When a tall, dark, handsome stranger appears in the village and turns Jade’s world upside down, will it be enough to make her abandon her plan before she even sets the wheels in motion? And has Linc missed his chance to tell her how he really feels?

It’s almost time for the wedding of the year for one of the village favourites and the annual Wedding Dress Ball. But when the sun begins to set, will anyone else be lucky in love?

This summer read is Book 3 in a series of standalone novels set in Heritage Cove, the little village by the sea…

Review: This is the third book in the Heritage Cove series from this author. Heritage Cove is a seaside village in the east of England and the books in the series follow the activities of its inhabitants. Each of the stories can be read as a standalone. I have enjoyed many of Helen J Rolfe’s books in the past, and looked forward to reading this one, although I have not read the others in the series. I certainly found it easy to catch up with the characters who had obviously been active in the previous parts of the series and I am sure that I shall now go back and read these books as well.

This story concerns sisters Jade and Celeste, who run the bakery in the village. They have decided to have the shop and kitchen renovated, giving the place a new look and a new name while retaining its outer facade. Local builder Harvey is overseeing the work, but is let down by his assistant and instead passes the labouring work on to Linc, nephew of Etna, the owner of the village tearoom. Linc is currently a supply teacher on summer break, and is considering where his life should go from here. Jade is also at a turning point in her life where she feels it is time to make an important change she has been planning. After a rocky start, there seems to be an attraction between Jade and Linc, but will this go any further? Meanwhile, the whole village is gearing up for the wedding of two important residents and the annual Wedding Dress Ball. 

I have very much enjoyed reading this book, and would happily recommend it to others looking for an easy-to-read story with some lovely characters. The village of Heritage Cove sounds a marvellous place to live, with oodles of community spirit and lots going on. As well as the tearoom and pub, there is the Waffle Shack and the bakery, so nobody needs to go hungry; Jade’s cakes sound absolutely mouth watering as well as very pretty. I liked the way in which the author keeps the reader guessing when both Jade and Linc have secrets that they are keeping to themselves. As well as the central story of Jade and Linc, there are also many minor tales involving other members of the community, adding to the overall enjoyment of the book. I was particularly amused by the way in which Jade and her sister chose the new name for the bakery; I wonder how long it took the author to come up with their decision. I don’t know if any more parts of this series are planned, but I would like to learn more about some of the interesting people who live in and visit Heritage Cove.

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