Friday 20 August 2021

Review: The Promise of Summer by Bella Osborne

 Ruby’s life is about to change for ever…

After years of dating losers, cheats and one guy who did something unrepeatable to her kettle, Ruby has all but given up on romance. But then a stranger sits next to her on a train to London and explains his plan to propose to the woman of his dreams. Maybe true love does exist after all?

When the man accidentally leaves the engagement ring behind, Ruby is determined to save the day. But she hasn't counted on fellow passenger Curtis stepping in and insisting he should be the one to track the stranger down.   
As summer closes in, the unlikely pair make a promise to reunite the ring with its owner. But can they find their own happy ever after along the way?

Review: I read the first part of this book when it was released as part 1 on ebook and although I did pre-order the other 3 parts I ended up listening to the whole thing on audio. I will say that the narrator of the audio was good. They did different accent for the characters who are mostly from the Sheffield area and did a good job of providing slightly more sinister voices for those characters we love to hate. 

I think that this book did feel different to a usual Bella Osborne book, I don't know if thats just because it was set in and around Sheffield for the most part and so I was getting Milly Johnson vibes or if it's because a lot more bodily functions and fluids are involved than in a usual Bella Osborne book and so it just felt more risque funny and less sweet romance. Either way it suited me down to the ground and I was chuckling away to myself in my car quite a bit listening to the mishaps of the various characters. 

This book centres around Ruby who is just so sweet and innocent. At some times her naivety did grate on my a little bit but I kn ew that this book was a journey for her and I enjoyed getting to see her become more worldly wise but still never losing that sweet side. Kim is Ruby's employer and we get to hear her side of the story as well. Unfortunately both women do fall fowl to some horrible men in their lives and so they have that in common but Kim does find solace with some human and canine friendships and I loved that for her. 

I think my favourite character in the book was Curtis. I think this is because you being the book really quite disliking the guy but then you realise he provides an antidote to some of the other character traits in the novel and he really does grow on you. I would love to hear from him again in future novels. The characters we love to hate in this book are really evil in their own ways. I really did hate them with a passion and I'm glad that this writing evoked such emotion in me. I couldn't believe some of them got away with the things that they did-as always, no spoilers here!

It's always nice to have a book that is set in and around Yorkshire rather than just having a London, New York or Cornwall setting as so many romcoms lean towards these days. I enjoyed the fact that we got some train travel in there and I enjoyed the social norms that were exposed and explored that maybe shouldn't be our norms anymore. I was glad to see that this include's women's biological clocks and the pressure that society puts on women of a certain ago. I really enjoyed this audio and even though it didn't feel the same as Bella Osborne novels I have read in the past, I liked this new direction and I laughed an awful lot so what's not to love?

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