Monday 2 August 2021

Review: Fresh by Margot Wood

Some students enter their freshman year of college knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives. Elliot McHugh is not one of those people. But picking a major is the last thing on Elliot's mind when she's too busy experiencing all that college has to offer--from dancing all night at off-campus parties, to testing her RA Rose's patience, to making new friends, to having the best sex one can have on a twin-sized dorm room bed. But she may not be ready for the fallout when reality hits. When the sex she's having isn't that great. When finals creep up and smack her right in the face. Or when her roommate's boyfriend turns out to be the biggest a-hole. Elliot may make epic mistakes, but if she's honest with herself (and with you, dear reader), she may just find the person she wants to be. And maybe even fall in love in the process . . . Well, maybe.

Review: Oh this book was so great, once I picked it up I didn't want to put it down again. It made me laugh, it was sex positive and it didn't pull any punches, just a really great reading time. 

I love when books cover that difficult first year away at college/university. It is such a tricky but pivotal time and such great fodder for comedy and introspection at the same time. This book handles that ups and downs of that first term just so well whilst at the same time being entertaining and thought provoking. The new customs, the fire alarms and the friendships. We get to uni thinking those first friends are going to be the ones we end up with for life but oh so often that is not the case and I love how this book handled that. 

Elliot is a great character to experience all of that with because she is just so open and honest. Being from a flyover state in Boston for the first time automatically puts her on the back foot and then we have her footnotes. She speaks directly to us as readers, as if narrating her own life and then adds footnotes to things, Don't you wish your life could contain footnotes for just a little further explanation sometimes? I loved Elliot's tone. I loved her attitude to life and I loved the fact that she is so sex positive and open about when she does and doesn't want from her romantic life. It was great hearing about her hopes and desires and I wish I had met her when I first went to university!

This book doesn't hold back when it comes to sex and relationships and I really loved that about it. It felt a little like reading a continuation from Are You There God, It's Me Margaret. The way the main character thinks and feels about the next step in her life, only instead of talking to God, we have footnotes. I think this would have been a great book for me to read when I was at the age of making those choices about university but even reading it now very much past the college age I took a lot from it. This book made me laugh, it made me cringe and it warmed my heart. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend. 

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