Sunday 15 May 2022

Bout of Books 34 Day 6 Update


Today was a homey day with lots of time to listen to audiobook whilst cleaning. I also had a lazy morning reading audiobook-bliss!

Day 6 Update

I definitely added to my book total today!

I read the last 15% of this so 67 pages. 

I read all of this. I can't find a page count for it but as it is a quarter of a paperback that will be 368 pages I'm take 25% of that and saying I read 92 pages. 

I read 95 pages of this-it's stunning so far!

I was hoping to read this one today too but unfortunately I got engrossed in Eurovision instead! I read 22% of this thought so an extra 20 pages!

Pages Read Day 6: 274
Pages Read This Week: 1189
Complete Books Finished: 5

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