Wednesday 11 May 2022

Guest Review: Summer at the French Cafe by Sue Moorcroft

As soon as Kat Jenson set foot in the idyllic French village of Kirchhoffen, she knew she’d found her home. Now she has a dreamy boyfriend, a delightful dog and the perfect job managing a bustling book café in the vibrant Parc Lemmel.

But when she learns her boyfriend isn’t all he seems, it’s the start of a difficult summer for Kat. Vindictive troublemakers, work woes and family heartache follow, and the clear blue sky that was her life suddenly seems full of clouds.

Then she gets to know the mysterious Noah, and her sun begins to shine brighter than ever. But Noah has problems of his own – ones that could scupper their new-found happiness. Together, can they overcome their many obstacles, and find love again?

Review: I am a firm fan of Sue Moorcroft’s books and know that I can sit down with them and be transported to another world. This book sounded absolutely ideal for a summer read, and I looked forward to being whisked off to a warm French location; I could almost smell the coffee even before I opened the cover. When I started to read, I found that the setting was not only a cafe, but a bookshop into the bargain - one of my favourite sorts of establishment. The story itself soon had me engaged and I finished it all too quickly.

The central character in the story is Kat, who is managing a popular bookshop-cafe by the lake in busy Parc Lemmel in the village of Kirchhoffen. Having left behind a complicated family situation in her native UK, she is happy with her life in the French village, where she has a job that she loves, a handsome boyfriend and an adorable dog who accompanies her to work every day. However, her peaceful existence is suddenly shattered by the discovery that her boyfriend is not the person she believed, and this revelation brings her into contact with someone who is super-vindictive, causing trouble for her and her shop. On a lighter side, she is delighted that her step-brother has also come to work in the parc, giving her a chance to get to know him better, a thing that seemed impossible in the home setting. Contact with him has also brought into her life newcomer Noah, a divorced father with a young daughter. A relationship soon blossoms between Kat and Noah, but his family life is also very complicated, and, although they try to work through their problems together, there seems no way forward for the pair.

The bright and breezy cover on this book suggests a light summer read in a beautiful setting, but it is so much more than that. Within the book’s pages, Sue Moorcroft has introduced and dealt ably with a number of serious topics which I will not list for fear of bringing in spoilers. I will just say that the main characters in the story have to deal with such a lot. There is romance here, but it is set around a strong storyline which twists and turns, keeping the reader guessing as to how it will all end. I very much liked both Noah and Kat and was amazed at how they were able to cope with what was continually coming their way. I can thoroughly recommend this book to Sue Moorcroft fans and those new to this author, but be ready to be confronted with some difficult topics.

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