Tuesday 10 May 2022

Bout of Books 34 TBR and Day 1 Update


So somehow I have made the decision to participate in Bout of Books this week. I haven't done thi readathon since this time last year so I don't know why I have decided to start now but it is what it is...

I'm only really aiming to read 2 books this week and those are the May releases from my Netgalley shelf. One is already out so I bought the audiobook and one comes out on Thursday so we're aiming to read it by then!

I do have some other audiobooks from the library and one more May release from Netgalley but I'm keeping my goals low to hopefully encourage me to actually do this thing!

Day 1 Update

I read some audiobook on my commute, a graphic novel in school and some of my ebook in the bath. 

I listened to chapter 8. This is about 30% so 120 pages read. 

I read 11% so 48 pages.

64 pages

Pages Read Day 1: 232
Pages Read This Week: 232
Complete Books Finished: 1

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