Monday 16 May 2022

Bout of Books Day 7 Update & Wrap Up!


I read thought that joining in with Bout of Books this week would help with my reading goals. It's been really difficult to read so far this year and so making it a priority this week has definitely been a help. It also helps that I now live somewhere with a bath, reading in the bath turly is bliss isn't it? It has also reminded me that I can listen to an audiobook whilst cleaning/sorting/getting ready for the day and that was a good reminder for me. Ironic that I've always preached that but then forgot about it as soon as I got super-busy and needed it!

Day 7 Update

Day 7 was a pretty busy day for me considering the fact that it was a Sunday but I got up nice and early so I could do some audiobook listening and then pledged to read my ebook before going to sleep!

I read 85 pages of this-I can't wait to get stuck back in tomorrow!

 I read the remaining 78% of this so 70 pages. 

Reading Wrap Up

448 pages

432 pages

48 pages

92 pages

89 pages

180 pages

64 pages

Pages Read Day 7: 155
Pages Read This Week: 1353
Complete Books Finished: 6.5

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