Wednesday 11 September 2013

Review: Keeping Her by Cora Carmack

Garrick Taylor and Bliss Edwards managed to find their happily-ever-after despite a rather . . . ahem . . . complicated start. By comparison, meeting the parents should be an absolute breeze, right?

But from the moment the pair lands in London, new snags just keep cropping up: a disapproving mother-in-law-to-be, more than one (mostly) minor mishap, and the realization that perhaps they aren't quite as ready for their future as they thought.

As it turns out, the only thing harder than finding love is keeping it.

Review: a fabulous new novella from this great New Adult author! This is a brilliant novella because we get to have a quick catch up with Bliss and Garrick from Losing It-wonderful! Bliss and Garrick are headed to London to meet Garrick's parents and so you know trouble is going to ensue. It was grata to catch up with these characters and find out what they are doing now they have both left the college where they met. We learn that Garrick isn't quite sure about his career change, i thought this was brilliantly realistic and so really enjoyed that part of the writing.

The characters haven't changed a bit, apart from being further on in their lives and relationships, Bliss is still as insecure as ever and Garrick is still so lovely and supportive of her. When Bliss goes to London with him, she becomes particularly anxious about meeting his family, and it is lovely the way he supports her. Something else also happens in London which is incredibly exciting, but I'll leave you to find out about that one yourself! 

We get to meet some of Garrick's friends as well as his family and they are written as typically British Lads, I thought this was great. I did find myself wanting to tell Bliss to pull herself together at points,but again I found her incredibly real, we often can't see how good we've got it in a relationship because we are too close to realise! This is a must for any fans of Cora Carmack, and a great New Adult Novella in its own rights. I wouldn't recommend reading this if you haven't read Losing It but both a fabulous to grab your copies now!

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