Monday 9 September 2013

Review! Woman's Walks Into a Bar by Rowan Coleman

A day in the life of Sam, a single mother whose friends have set her up with a blind date. As she prepares for the date, Sam looks back on her life so far: an, ultimately, upbeat, funny look at life and what it throws our way.

Rowan Coleman's ebook Woman Walks into a Bar is re-released tomorrow and as you will have seen from my blog post last week and on twitter, she is giving all of her proceeds to Refuge, a charity helping women who are in or have been in absolve relationships. I think that this is amazing and it made me want to re-read the book which I had previously listened to on audiobook because this author is just fantastic. I have pre-ordered my copy and so have all my friends, I will out details of how you can get yours at the bottom of the page.

Review: i love it when authors write novellas or quick reads. Sometimes you just need a short blast of something when you are between books, or something just to tempt you if you haven't read anything by Mathis author, this novella is a little bit different. I found myself completely involved in the story, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and that is the power of Rowan Coleman's writing. She deals with the subject of someone who has been in an abusive relationship and the struggle it is to put themselves back out there again so well in this novella.

It's definitely a valid subject to tackle because people sometimes think that once someone is out of an abusive relationship, their problems have ended but there are many scars to bear and trusting anyone again, sometimes just the thought of meeting someone else can be a mammoth task! This story deals with it in a light hearted way through a series of dates. I love a book dealing with Internet dating as it really is a minefield out there. There are some really funny bits in this book, as well as some really poignant moments, but it is all dealt with in a realistic way which is fantastic!

The other characters in the novel are also all realistic, the kind of friend every girl needs. There is an extremely cute and funny bartender just to add to the interest of female readers. The real star of the book for me though is Beth, a child who is much older than her years, and who leaves notes for her mum with little jokes, gives her advice on clothes and makeup and is generally just a gorgeous little superstar!

Not only does this ebook do amazing things for women every there it is also an excellent read. It doesn't put a dent in the bank balance and it is a nice quick read, perfect for a longer train journey or a Sunday afternoons reading. I can't recommend this story enough!

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