Monday 2 September 2013

Mini Review: The Arcade Episode 9 September

September... and in Brasserie Ag, Chef Silver is preparing to seduce the critics - and his neighbours in the Arcade - with his most adventurous menu yet.

But his long-suffering wife Laura isn’t interested in his latest signature dishes. All she wants is a baby - a desire that overwhelms her, but terrifies Silver. What if he can’t give her the only thing that will make her happy...?

Add in the guiltiest of guilty secrets, a food poisoning scare, and the usual Arcade cocktail of sexual tension and heated rivalries - and Chef’s big night seems set to be less a meal to remember, and more a recipe for total disaster.

Review: I've been waiting to find out more about Chef Silver for a while now and so I was very excited when I found out that this instalment was dedicated to him! But in true Arcade fashion, the fabulous Faith who featured in the January edition of this great series, is also covered in this months episode which was brilliant. Chef Silver has always been a slightly mysterious even mythical character and so to find out a bit more about him was wonderful, although it did shatter my illusions slightly. The MOST exciting part of this months episode was finding out about whether he was involved with baby angel or not, did he an Marilyn have a secret tryst sometime last April? No spoilers here, you'll have to read it!

It was great finding out a bit more about Faith too and to discover that she is very happy in The Arcade, business is booming in fact! We also learn that she may have some skeletons in her own closet, aside from her former career as a paramedic, it would seem that Faith has also been hurt in the game of love previously. I'm looking forward to find out out how that storyline develops...

Of course there is the usual drama of the arcade, baby drama, lawsuit drama and new menu launch drama. It's not quite a dramatic as last months secret identity revelations, but just e nought o keep us going in time for the start of autumn. As usual there is a sneak peak at the next episode, and I'm looking forward to that one very much. If you haven't discovered the arcade yet, there's time to catch up now, they make a fabulous lunch break read although public displays of gasping and ├ęclat actions of NOOOOO may ensue, you have been warned!

For your copy of this Month's Arcade click here

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