Friday 13 September 2013

Review: Secret by L. Marie Adeline

Cassie Robichaud’s life is filled with regret and loneliness after the sudden death of her husband. She waits tables at the rundown Café Rose in New Orleans, and every night she heads home to her solitary one-bedroom apartment. But when she discovers a notebook left behind by a mysterious woman at the café, Cassie’s world is forever changed. The notebook’s stunningly explicit confessions shock and fascinate Cassie, and eventually lead her to S∙E∙C∙R∙E∙T, an underground society dedicated to helping women realize their wildest, most intimate sexual fantasies. Cassie soon immerses herself in an electrifying journey through a series of ten rapturous fantasies with gorgeous men who awaken and satisfy her like never before. As she is set free from her inhibitions, she discovers a new confidence that transforms her, giving her the courage to live passionately. Equal parts enticing, liberating and emotionally powerful, S∙E∙C∙R∙E∙T is a world where fantasy becomes reality.

Review: wow! What a novel. This book was chosen for our book club read and I wouldn't have picked it up but boy am I glad that I did. There has been a surge of erotica post-fifty shades and they are all starting to get a little bit on the similar side, lots of girls biting lips and orgasming left right and centre, but if you are looking for something a bit different from the norm, a bit less mainstream, you have come to the right place. This is a wonderful concept for a novel-a secret society that help women overcome their sexual fears, their insecurities and let them play out every fantasy they have ever had!

This book is set in New Orleans and starts out pretty simple, just like the beginning of any women's fictions novel, we meet Cassie, someone who has kinda of shut herself off from the world since her alcoholic husband was killed in a car accident. He was an a suite partner and one who didn't really believe in her and so now she goes to work in a coffee shop, comes home to her cat and that is pretty much her existence. I loved Cassie as a character, she had to be fairly quiet and open to suggesting in order to take on the SECRET way of life, and I think this worked really well for the novel.

Along the way she meets other people involved in SECRET including a local governor, a hip hop star and a whole host of women high up in New Orleans society who help her with her journey. Her boss Will is also a main character in the novel and has so much potential to be a lovely guy but is being held back by his shallow girlfriend Tracina. All these characters are so well written, this book is no way just about the sex scenes!

I found the sex scenes really well-written too though. There were some realistic fantasies and some not so realistic. I particularly enjoyed her first fantasy involving a massage that was all about her, very realistic that sometimes all we need to some time that is just about us! There was nothing too shocking, no scary whips and chains and nothing too taboo either which I thought was good. This was a quick read and so good if you've not enjoyed erotic fiction in the past and therefore great for a book group read too. The characters and storyline were well developed and the whole novel very enjoyable!

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