Tuesday 12 November 2013

Jackie Marchant and Andrew Weale visit my school...

At the end of September I was lucky enough to have two lovely children's authors come in and visit my school. I arranged for them each to spend a day in a year group working with every class in that year group doing various activities and sharing their books with them. 

Red House prize winner Andrew Weale visited years 1 and 2. He read through his book with the children a d kept them therapy entertained thoughtful each sessions. He answered some questions on his books and his writing and got them to make predictions on what might happen next and even had them l,ah about with the spellings on their names to get their imaginations flowing! 

When he worked with the year 2 children he actually made an audiobook of his book with them and then sent it back to school so they could all listen to the great product they had made. 

The children were all really inspired and did some lovely pictures and writing based on his visit! 

Author of the Dougal Trump series Jackie Marchant came to visit the year 4 and 5 children. She did a wonderful workshop with them where she to.d the a not how she had been hit on the head with a big bin bag full of rubbish and how the owner of all these things in the bin bag turned out to be Dougal Trump. She had spoken to Dougal about his adventures and written them down for him and that is how her books were born! 

She also did a great activity with the classes where she had them think about what might be inside a wooden box she had brought with her. She asked the. What might be in the box. Then asked them to the about what was in the box and who out it there. Finally she asked them what was in the box, who put it there and why. 

This got some great responses from the children and really inspired them to do some writing of their own.

At the end of the school day, children were and to buy books and have them signed by Jackie which they loved. The queue was quite literally out of the door and children come up to me regularly in the corridor telling me they are reading one or both of the books.

Thanks very much to these two great authors, if you haven't read their books u suggest you give them a go now, there are two great picture books and two super chapter books that can be loved by children and adults alike. 

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