Thursday 14 November 2013

Review! I'm Dougal Trump Where's my Tarantula?

Laugh out loud at the boy who is a bigger trouble magnet than Bart Simpson and Just William stuck together. The second instalment of Dougal Trump's ridiculous life has arrived.
"Mum," I yelled. "Sybil the Goliath birdeater spider is no longer in my room."
Somebody has stolen Dougal's tarantula, Sybil (named after his sister - they both have very hairy legs), and she is being held to ransom. Dougal must fulfil the kidnapper's demands before poor Sybil is tortured - one leg at a time.

I read this book with one of my pupils, we read it together and so I am going to let her tell you what a wonderful book this is. Before that I'd just like to say what a fab books it was to share with a child. I enjoyed what was going on in the book, Dougal Trump is a great character who is really easy to get along with and reminds me very much of the kind of antics that Jennings or Just William would have entertained us with! These books have great illustrations a d a structure similar to Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and so this was a really quick read. I thought the story was well thought out, amusing and st delivered a very real moral message as well. Here is a review from a very descending 10 year old to tell you more...

This author came to visit my school and sign copies of her books as well as do a workshop with our children. Here is what I had to say about that...

Review: this book is based on Dougal Trump and creaturs that keep appearing in the hollow tree. Dougal is very excited with what he has for all of these creatures like the slithering snake; the eight-legged, hairy spider; the huge, stinging scorpion and the bumpy, grey lizard! 

I liked all of the book because it was funny and I wanted to read on more and more. The author put so much description into it so it was more interesting than you might have thought! 

I wanted to read more and more so I can get into it and then read the other book. That will be exciting for me to read, and to get to ow the story more! I think this is my type of book because it is funny and sad, but I like it to be twisted with funny and sad so it is my type of book! 

To get your copy of Dougal Trump simply click here.

You can also read my post on what happened when this lovely author came to visit us at school. Just click the link at the side.

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