Thursday 28 November 2013

Taking my friend to meet her first author: Lindsey Kelk!

My friends all know how much I love books & love to read. They certainly reap the benefits with book recommendations,  borrowed books & news about new novels & authors! My best friend came to visit this weekend & so I decided she could come to the Lindsey Kelk signing with me.

We got up specially early to get to bluewater before everyone else got there, did some shopping, had some lunch, did some more shopping before joining the line to meet Lindsey kelk. We were about 15th in line & so we didn't have to wait long before we were taken in.

We took our books to be signed, I had read I heart Christmas on ebook so I bought a copy specially to add to my shelf of signed Lindsey Kelk novels. My friend was very excited. Lindsey was lovely, every time I meet her she pays me a compliment and said this time shed rather come shopping with us! She was lovely enough to let us have a picture and my book will now take pride of place next to I Heart London and About A Girl on my shelf!

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