Friday 23 May 2014

Review: The Arcade Year 2: Surprises by Kitty Charles

April may be famed as the cruelest month but not in Angell's Arcade. Preparations are underway for the long awaited wedding of Eden Hart and Philip Neale and Eden's determined nothing is going to stand in the way of her happy ever after, not the bridegroom's unconventional dress sense and certainly not the menacing presence of Vladimir Ivazov.

But leaving the Russian off the guest list could be the worst thing the newlyweds could have done. Vlad is out for revenge and he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process... 

Review: aww what a lovely installment this was, it was weddings galore (well one anyway) in this months episode and it was just such a perfect wedding, of course there were surprise outfits and dance routines, this is the arcade after all, but they fitted in perfectly with the goings on in our favourite shopping centre this month. 

Again this was an episode that featured all the characters so you got to catch up with them all. This one also featured Joan fairly heavily, something which not all of the episodes do. I am so intrigued by this lady and so this was a real treat for me. It also features the newest member of the arcade family, Vlad and we get to know him a LOT better. 

Of course there was the usual level of drama in this episode, making me gasp out loud. It did also leave me wondering, however, how any of the arcade staff get anything done. They are so busy sorting out fights and plotting to overthrow the arcades latest owner, do they actually have time to serve any customers, do any customers want to be there as gorgeous Jason (my favourite book boyfriend) patrols the aisles with his gun at the ready and a baby on his hip? I do worry what will become of the residents of the arcade but I can't wait to find out in next months episode! 

Remember you can catch up on what happened in last years arcade by reading Where Dreams Come True, and there are four instalments from this year to catch up on, all of them fabulously featuring all your favourite arcade characters! 

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