Wednesday 14 May 2014

Guest Post From Margaret Ethridge

Today I have another guest post from an author spotlighted in the a boxed set that I brought you a couple of weeks ago now. It's great to have all these authors here telling you about their books and you really can't go wrong with the bargain price of the box set either can you?

Thanks so much for having us on Fabulous Book Fiend! I’m so excited to talk to you about Love Finds A WayI’m thrilled to be a part of this fabulous boxed set – four unique stories about love and relationships rooted in reality, but dusted with just enough hope and happiness to make them irresistible. And all this for just $0.99! How can you beat that???

My novel, Contentment, focuses on the ebb and flow of a relationship a decade and a half into a marriage. Here’s the blurb:

Tracy Sullivan seems to have it all, a handsome, devoted husband, three beautiful children, a steady career, and the perfect suburban home; but she isn’t happy.
The petty resentments that have built over fifteen years of marriage surface when Tracy tells her husband, Sean, that she is no longer interested in sex, and their marriage threatens to implode.
For the sake of their children, Tracy and Sean agree to lead separate lives under the same roof. With the help of a healthy dose of adult-rated fiction and some gentle prodding from a good friend, Tracy begins to rediscover who she is, what she wants, and the reasons she fell for Sean once upon a time.
After two years of soul-searching, Tracy is finally ready to embrace her happily ever after having learned that while happiness may be fleeting, contentment can last a lifetime.

When I started writing Contentment, I wanted to write a story that moves beyond that first heady rush of love. So many books focus on the fall, but, in my opinion, real love storiesshow the bumps, bruises, and resilience one needs to make a story endure.

In Contentment, Tracy and Sean certainly have their fair share of ups and downs. Haven’t we all? Some seem like huge, insurmountable obstacles. Others are more like a series of tiny, relentless little hurdles.

I believe that most stories of love involve more than the two people at its center. But no one lives in a vacuum. Tracy and Sean are surrounded by friends and family who are every bit as invested in their relationship as they are. Sean’s brother, mother and uncle play pivotal roles, as well as Tracy’s two former roommates.

Contentment is the result of my own personal evolution. Just after my fortieth birthday, I embarked on my own journey of self-discovery, and like Tracy, I am still a work in progress.Tracy’s journey is about letting go of the dreams and ambitions we’ve outgrown and rediscovering the joy of simple things. I hope that other women will be able to relate.

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