Wednesday 21 May 2014

Bout of Books 10 Wrap Up

Well I didn't do tooooo badly in this readathon considering the fact that life was pretty manic (more than usual) that week!

I finished off a couple of reads, started another couple and managed to read 3 entire books.

The first book I finished was One Moment One Morning by Sarah Rayner. I loved this and read 200 pages to finish it.

I also finished attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I read this with Sam from Sam's Book Corner and read 160 pages to finish this during the readathon.

The other book I part-read was Last Bus To Coffeeville by J Paul Henderson. I read  140 pages of this and will finish it next week!

I read Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon. I read this in it's entirety, a total of 400 pages.

I also listened to the audiobook of The Last Little Blue Envelope. I'd been wanting to read this since reading the first in this series and so being able to read it during the readathon was useful. This totalled 282 pages.

And finally, I completed a re-read of Forever by Judy Blume. This was part of my Re-read May challenge and was definitely interesting to do! This was 178 pages. 

My total for the week then, was 1352 pages. This total is pretty disappointing but I struggled with some of the books that I picked. If I'd enjoyed them all as much as the first 2, I'd have read much more. Not a bad total overall then!

What did you read this week? What SHOULD I have been reading?

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  1. Hi Catriona, wow, I'm impressed. Not just by your commitment to the cause - that's a lot of pages, but also by your choice of books. I LOVED Forever as a teenager. I think I was living vicariously through the characters from start to finish! Sorry to hear you struggled with your choices. I will drop you an email with some ideas soon! (From Britain's Next Bestseller, naturally!)