Wednesday 28 May 2014

Review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

By day, two young women spend their hours emailing each other, discussing every aspect of their lives. By night, Lincoln, a lonely IT guy, spends his hours reading every exchange. Soon Lincoln is drawn into their lives, and finds himself falling for one of them. Lincoln decides it's time to muster the courage to follow his heart.

Review: wow, what a novel. I have been meaning to read this book for ages and I have no idea why I waited so long to do so, if only I had known what beauty lay within, and how quickly I would read this book I so would've been chomping at the bit to pick it up! 

This is such an interesting storyline, so simple and yet it could totally happen. The novel takes place over a relatively short timescale but the things that build up painstakingly slowly over the timescale are amazing. I felt so emotionally connected to the storyline and yet essentially what I was doing was, like Lincoln, reading other people's emails! 

The emails and interspersed with chapters featuring Lincoln and what is going on with him and I think there is the perfect balance between the email exchanges and the times when Lincoln is chatting in real life or actually in his own headspace. There are great characters in this novel. Lincoln is clearly completely obsessive, obsessive about learning, obsessive about his job  and obsessive over on girl in particular. It's a easy trap to fall into and it's fairly obvious that this is just his personality trait. I loved Beth, she was so straight taking with a dry sense of humour, she reminded me of my best friend. I didn't warm to Jennifer as much, but it was still interesting finding out what was going on in her life. 

This book didn't really have much of a setting outside of the office, they obviously go other places and 
Talk about other things but the fact that it is mainly set on a computer screen in an office doesn't make it any less of a book, you honestly don't notice that you are secretly snooping on other people's emails either! I laughed a lot and I couldn't put this book down, I think it would be fabulous for any audience and if you're looking for a quick read that will definitely stick with you, this is for you! 

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