Saturday 3 May 2014

May I Read That Again?

Ok so last month I told you what an epic failure I was at the whole author marathoning in March. I only managed to marathon one of the authors I'd intended to and ended up marathoning another author that was completely unexpected.

Well April was pretty much the same. I intended on marathoning the authors I'd missed the last month, but really ended up reading authors in time for reviews. 

I read The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E Smith

Amelia Grey's Fireside Dream by Abby Clements; 

Ivy Lane by Cathy Bramley; 

A Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon; 

The List by Joanna Bolouri; 

The French For Always by Fiona Valpy

Darcy Burdock by Lauran Dockrill

Finding Mr Rochester by Trisha Ashley

love in Sight by Holly Gilliatt

Trouble by Non Pratt

Buzzing Easter Bunnies by Nick Spalding

Carry You by Beth Thomas 

Secrets of The Lighthouse by Santa Montefiore

Things we Never Say by Sheila O'Flanagan

Most of these were read in my Easter holidays and you will notice-no authors with the same name there, fail on the marathoning front! 

So I decided on a new challenge for May.... You might have seen a clue in the post title...

That's right, May is going to be the month I actually re-read some of my books that I've been wanting to re-read for a while now. I have specific books in mind because I want to reread them for a reason. I'm not going to aim for too many because I still have a lot of review books and other books I want to get to but I really want to read these books as well...

The first is Forever by Judy Blume. I'm actually going to review this for Kirsty's blog over at Love of A Good Book. This was one of my favourite books I read as a child and I can't wait to sit down with it again! 

Secondly I want to re-read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Mostly this is because I want to read it again before the movie comes out but also because I was bought this gorgeous silver collectors edition and so I want to actually read it. 

The third book I would really really like to re-read this month is Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson. I go on about this book so so much because its another of my all time favourites. Miranda's next book is a sort of sequel to this book and so I feel I need to read this again before diving into her new one later on in the year. I was in a bit of a rubbish place when I read this book and it really lifted me at the time, so it would be wonderful to read it now I'm much happier in my life! 

I'm only going to commit to re-reading three books because there are tons of other books coming out in May that I know I'm going to be reading and we have test week at school so I know that will keep me really busy, I think three is a realistic number to choose. 

I'll keep you posted as to how I get on and keep your eyes on the blog for reviews, updates and interviews from all those books and authors being published this month! 

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