Friday 6 June 2014

Review: The Arcade Year 2 Episode 5 Revelations by Kitty Charles

May sees the return of Vlad to the arcade,much to the distress of the tenants. But he seems different to before. Together with Jason, Joan hatches a plan to ensure Vlad isn't a threat to her arcade ever again. But will everyone agree to play along?

Marilyn can't shake her suspicion that Jason was somehow involved in last month's accident. Should she confront him and risk their shaky relationship further or let sleeping ex-soldiers lie? And is she prepared to hear the truth?

Review: wow, the funniest episode of the arcade yet! Just so ridiculous and silly and yet totally fitting for The Arcade at the same time. This months episode surrounds some very interesting relationships indeed. There are those you'd expect and those that you totally wouldn't expect. We learn a lot more about some of the characters love lives and some of the feelings they harbour. 

There are some really unexpected twists in this novel and we get to know Vlad an awful lot more. We also have some burning questions about Joan answered and hear much more from wedding dress designer Leandro. It's great to be able to get to know these characters even more and I think that this is what having another year of the arcade has enabled readers to be able to do. 

I would love to know which kitty wrote this installment, I have had a guess as there are some elements that are indicative of this particular writers other tales. There are some real aww moments in this serving of arcade delight as I think overall Marilyn is coming into her own in year two, something which I am really pleased to see. Put is very hard to say much more about what happens in this months installment without giving you major spoilers so basically you should just read this now and be prepared as always to gasp, but also to laugh an awful lot! 

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