Wednesday 25 June 2014

Review: Written in The Stars by Ali Harris

Have you ever wondered 'What if…?' What if you'd taken that other job, gone on a date with that other guy, moved to a different city. Would an alternative life path have led to a happier ending?
Now imagine if you could have taken both paths…
When Bea Bishop slips while walking down the aisle on her wedding day, she is momentarily knocked unconscious. Her world splits and her parallel lives take her on two very different journeys. In one existence, Bea flees back down the aisle and out of the church. In the other she glides blissfully towards Adam, her intended.
But which story will lead to her happy ever after? And will she end up in the same place?
One decision + two different paths = how many happy endings?

Review: first of all let me just say that I LOVE the cover of this book, and it's just reflect the delicious content! I really enjoyed this book, Ali Harris's writing is just awesome and I always feel like the books it written for me when I read her words... This book has a really interesting storyline focusing on something we've always thought and that's what if. It answers the questions for the main character, what is she had or hadn't made one crucial decision in her life and the conseque new for both decisions. It can be a little confusing if reading this on ebook because the story flips between one of her consequences and then jumps quickly over the the other side. When reading in paperback it's much clearer which bit is which. I like the structure despite the initial conclusion and the whole thing is tied together with Facebook status updates which I think is really nice and also reflects the main characters personality! 

I'm really not sure about Bea as a character, I did flip between liking her and not, I think that this may be because I agreed more with one of her decisions than the other and so felt resentful to the Bea that made the wrong decision is my opinion! This is totally subjective of course and many readers will approve either Bea or side with the opposite one to me-that's the beauty of reading a book differently to someone else! There are some other really interesting characters in this book and I really enjoyed the mix of personalities. I loved Beas mum and she really ties the whole story together. Her friends seemed a little more flakey (a bit like her father) but all add depth and interest. 

This books deals with some interesting issues such as absent parents, women's career choices and mental health issues and I think they were all dealt with incredibly well and with sensitivity. Although it is a story of one woman over all, these issues add real interest and reflect something different in the choice of subject matter for this author which is fab to see as well. Overall this is a light hearted book but one that will make you think about the decisions that you make and have made, I like a book that makes me think and so I would say this should definitely be on your summer reading list. Another lovely novel from the fabulous Ali Harris. 

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