Wednesday 11 June 2014

Moving house

I am moving house next week. This is really exciting because I'm moving from a flat to a house and I'm going to have some outside space to sit and read and even more room for book shelves!

As you know though, morning house is a pretty stressful time, there all the organising and packing and changing addresses and unpacking and generally everything aching because you've done all the lifting and cleaning and dusting. So this post comes as a bit of an apology...

You may have already noticed that I've not been as much of a presence on social media recently, this is because I've been organising, working or sleeping and over the next couple of weeks there may be less posts and reviews may be lustily later than expected. This is because I will be tied up with organising house stuff whilst still working and doing all the other things one has to do in life. There won't be as much reading time and there won't be as much blogging time. So apologies me to readers, authors and publishers for this but... The summer holidays are coming up which means lots more reading time and lots more blogging time so I should be back on form soon! 

Happy reading! 

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