Friday 20 June 2014

A TFIOS kind of week...

Last week was a very TFIOS week for me. I decided I absolutely had to reread The Fault in Our Stars before seeing the film & so the only time left to do this was Wednesday night (and only Wednesday night!) I enjoyed the re-read immensely-being able to hear John Green talking about the novel & the movie made it come alive even more in my head.

I actually ended up reading most of it in the four hours I had on Wednesday night & the rest on Thursday morning between 7 and 8am! It was fab-I enjoyed it even more second time around!

Then on Thursday night, my friend Rosanna and I went to a special advanced fan screening of the movie. This was fab because John Green came on the screen to introduce the film, it started right away & we got awesome lanyards & limited edition posters! We also stayed behind afterwards to watch a fab Q&A with the stars (& John) and got to see the scene with John himself that was eventually cut from the film!

The only trouble with the whole thing was that there were tons of giggly screamy teens in the theatre, some if whom would not shut up, some of whom couldn't find their assigned seats & all of whom had forgotten how to cry quietly! Seriously, we  actually missed some of the dialogue in the film because the sobbing around us was so so loud. There were also those outside afterwards rocking & unable to move, so consumed with Augustus Waters were they!

I loved the movie-the cinematography was amazing & it was very very true to the book! I also loved the little touches of TFIOS blue all over the place-this was exceedingly clever.

If you've not read the book, you'll still enjoy the film. However, the book took me under 5 hours to read so am hour a night over the course of this week & you'll have that problem sorted right away!


  1. great post Catriona, its top of my pile to be read when i get a moment
    Gill xx

  2. Reading people talk about The Fault In Our Stars makes me grin so much. Eeeek, I can't wait to see the film!