Wednesday 3 December 2014

Review: Christmas with Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

Join Billy and Sophie for the next chapter of their story by bestselling author Giovanna Fletcher.

Christmas has come to Rosefont Hill and it's destined to be a particularly special festive season for Sophie May.

When a smitten stranger emails Sophie to ask her if he can propose to the woman he loves in her little teashop, the romantic in her finds it impossible to refuse. Even though Christmas is her busiest time of year she has her own sweetheart, Hollywood actor Billy Buskin, to lend a helping hand. How could she say no to making someone's dream come true?

As Sophie and Billy work together to plan the perfect fairytale proposal for this couple, excitement in Rosefont Hill is mounting. Who is this mysterious man? And who is the lucky lady he's about to get down on one knee for?


Review: this book made me aww out loud just like I did when I read Billy and Me, that's what kind of book it is! This gorgeous little novella catches up on the characters we met during Billy and me which came out last year (I only just read it this summer!) So it will definitely have spoilers for those of you who haven't read that but want to. It is set in the same setting as the first book but is about six months on and obviously set at Christmas time,. The festive spirit is strong in this book,. The description of the smells and the tastes of Christmas as well as the sights and sounds is top notch and so it will definitely have you craving a mince pie or too-wonderful!

The characters are just as lovely and Sophie is getting on with life with just as much gusto as she did in the first novel. She is making Christmas happen and happen in a big way. You really feel the weariness and exhaustion that she feels getting ready for the festive period, but at the same time, you can see how her optimism gets her through. Billy is of course, gorgeous as ever and he really takes a back seat in this novella, more than he did in the first novel. Sophie's mum is still very much around as is the spirit of the former tea shop owner.

There is a wonderful twists at the end of this novella, something which i think is pretty unusual for a story set over  so few pages. You really won't see it coming, i didn't and i was thrilled and exhilarated by the whole thing,. I would've loved this book to be a full-length novel and really think that there was scope there to do that but that is my only minor criticism. As I say, if you haven't yet read Billy and me but are planning on doing so then wait and read that before this otherwise you'll be spoiled, but if you';re just looking for some festive romance in novella form then  definitely give this one a go. be warned though, this is not for the skeptics and the cold-hearted among you, this is full on gushy lovely sickly-sweet romance!

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