Wednesday 10 December 2014

Review: Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas by Lindsey Kelk

Jenny Lopez has had a crappy twelve months.

Determined to turn her festive frown upside down, she plans an escape to a cabin in Vermont, the best Christmas tree the world has ever seen and more bottles of champagne than is legal to transport across state lines. Someone’s got to cheer up her best friend Angela’s holiday season.

But nothing goes according to plan,starting with work and ending with her travelling companion, and before she knows it, Jenny’s Christmas is looking shaky. But this is Jenny Lopez. She’s going to have the best Christmas known to man and she’s not prepared to accept anything less, even if it means dragging a turkey three miles in the snow. Even if it means chopping up her beloved Christmas tree to start a fire.

Single-handedly and in an inappropriate outfit Jenny Lopez is determined to save Christmas. Whether it likes it or not.

Review: I literally couldn't wait for this fabulous novella to come out, I love jenny Lopez, I love Christmas and I love everything written by Lindsey Kelk so you can see why I would be so excited. This novella is a little different because this is written from Jenny's point of view and we don't normally heard from jenny in the first person that is probably because Angela is usually the star of the Show and so it is more about her but this is all about Jenny and she really doesn't hold back on any subject. 

This novella has just the right amount of festive cheer versus festive humbug and so it will appeal to all of you out there in that sense, whether you are a love or a hater of all this Christmas. There are dilemmas that jenny has to face, things she has to overcome and men she has to try and date. There is also a massive helping of New York city which is awesome and we get to see a bit of Angela, Erin, Sadie and a few other recurring characters. 

You will definitely find yourself racing through this book because it is just such a fun read, everything is really pacey and yet it has the right amount of substance for a full novel, considering the fact that it really is a short story. The opening and the ending are fabulous and fans of Lindsey Kelk will be able to hear her usual voice and comedic charm as much through this novella as through her full length novels. This book could totally be read as a standalone although it would give you a couple of spoilers for the I Heart Series. If this is your first Kelk read you won't be disappointed and if you're a fan of Ms Kelk and Ms Lopez, you'll be in your element with this read!

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