Saturday 24 September 2016

Geeking out on studio tours

As I mentioned in my previous travel post, I went on a couple of studio tours whilst we were staying just outside LA. I knew that we were going to go on the universal studios tour, I've been on this before and really enjoyed it so I wanted to go again. Since I went last time, some of the tour was destroyed by fire and so I was intrigued to see how much it had changed. The day we went was a weekday so there was a lot of filming going on, limiting the amount that we could actually see and the places we could go and so I feel like I saw a little less than I had done on orevious occasions, but then how much you se will be completely determined by what day and time you go on the tour. 

The drawback of this tour is obviously the fact that you have to buy a ticket to get into the whole park, you can't just go on the tour itself. We enjoyed our day at the park, going on the Simpsons ride and enjoying a couple of showings of Shrek 4D, still one of my faves! We felt like the tour has now become just another ride though, some of the things I saw last time have now turned into 3D special effects type things rather than getting to see much of a set or a prop. 

The other tour we did was the Warner Bros tour. We decided to do this one because we had a little time to spare on our final day in LA. I also wanted to do this one because Warner is, of course, the home of Freinds and becaus our tour guide knew I love Freinds she made sure that we made a stop at the Friends stage! 

They also have a replica of Central Perk that you can go and have your picture taken in. This was really fun and I love the way the picture has turned out! 

Of course we had to go and have a drink inj not the central perk themed cafe too and this cupcake was actually yummy and not too over priced! 

There were lots of Harry Potter things to see as well which was cool and the tour featured a stop at a museum where they had lots of Marvel costumes, which didn't really interest me, but they also had Harry Potter  costumes and a sorting hat which sorted you into houses just like In the movies! 

Now previously I have been a Hufflepuff but this sorting hat decided I belonged in Gryffendor! Identity crisis?!

Seeing all of the costumes was cool but I loved seeing the sound stages and the sets. We were able to go onto the set of Pretty Little Liars and Fuller House and we saw the stages where Big Bang Theory and Two Broke Girls were rehearsing. It was also cool seeing the outdoor sets and see the building that was built to be used in the original film of Annie and have a look at the way it has been transformed for so many other films. 

Before we were dropped off at the gift shop, because all tours have to end there don't they?, our lovely tour stopped to show our group something that was just for me- Ellen Degeneres's parking spot-so cool! 

I feel you really got value for money from this tour because we were there's nearly 3 hours, got to see all sorts of props and sets, including all of the bat mobiles, and saw some of the special effects and sound effects and how they were done. Our tour guide was awesome and she really made the tour feel tailored to us. I would definitely go back and do this again next time I am in LA, although I'd really rather just get tickets to one of the recordings! 

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