Friday 16 September 2016

Joining the library

So whenever I move to a new place obviously one of the first things I do is join the library. I currently have 4 library cards for different libraries I the UK and I've had other library cards for other places I've lived but I actively use those four that I have.

So I don't have a social security number yet so I couldn't actually join the library where we are so m other half had to join for me and then I can borrow books on his card. Firstly it was exciting becaus they had a choice of different cards, there was literally every colour imaginable. Obviously I would've chosen pink but it's not actually my library card so didn't get to choose...

The other great thing about this library card is that I can use it in any library in denver and I can also return books to any library in denver, not just the one I joined and not just the one I borrowed from! Plus I can have up to 60 books at a time, which is much more than the 10 that I was allowed in the UK, but also much more than I could possibly read in a week! 

Now the other thing that completely wowed me when it came to the joining was that I asked about audiobooks, eyeing a very decent selection off to the side of the desk we were at-they are absolutely free to borrow, so I could borrow 60 audiobooks, keep them for 3 weeks and it wouldn't cost me a penny! I can't help but worry that they loose out on money that way but I benefit from it so-YEY! 

The day that we signed up they were having a massive books sale, so not only did we borrow some books and audiobooks, we also bought some so I will do a haul for you this week to show you what we got from the library! 

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