Friday 30 September 2016

Review: One by Sarah Crossan

Grace and Tippi. Tippi and Grace. Two sisters. Two hearts. Two dreams. Two lives. But one body.

Grace and Tippi are conjoined twins, joined at the waist, defying the odds of survival for sixteen years. They share everything, and they are everything to each other. They would never imagine being apart. For them, that would be the real tragedy.

But something is happening to them. Something they hoped would never happen. And Grace doesn’t want to admit it. Not even to Tippi.

How long can they hide from the truth—how long before they must face the most impossible choice of their lives?

Review: ok so I hadn't read any Sarah Crossan before, I think I may own some Sarah Crossan but this one came so highly recommend on twitter, in Bookshops, from other bloggers who know what I like that I had to get it. I ended up downloading the audiobook because I knew I wanted to read it straight away and I only had time for audiobooks in the final term at school so... I would definitely be interested in owning a physical copy of this book because I have flicked through it in Bookshops and it seems like a really cool way to read a book, the set up, the structure, the way it is set in verse. I can tell from the audiobook that I would be a really quick read that way too and so I definitely plan on buying the physical version of this book so that I can experience the structure as well as just the story. 

The subject matter of this book is really interesting and I never thought that I would so interested in a book like this but in was fascinated by the thoughts and feelings that come across from these confined twins, these characters in this book and the way Sarah across an must have put so much research into this that u found myself swept along with their story. It's really hard to talk too much more about the subject matter without giving away spoilers but I did really enjoy that this was a new subject for a book for me and I think the uniqueness is the reason, along with the structure that so many people liked it. 

I do feel a little like this book suffered in my rating of it because of the length and because of the fact that scenes sometimes felt a little disjointed because of the structure of it, the rhythm and the pace were obviously a key focus here and so I think it meant that there wasn't as much depth as I'd hoped there'd be in the book, or it could be the fact that it is designed for younger readers and so further depth might have affected the audience and purpose. I liked the fact that it was a quick read and I enjoyed listening to it on audiobook because I think it meant that the verse came to life and I felt as if I knew these characters well because of listening to their story rather than reading it. 

This book has been a hit and has been nominated for awards, I don't think that I loved it as much as some of my friends  but it is definitely, something different for so many reasons and so I think it is definitely something that you should give a go, if not for any other reason than the novelty of the structure and the subject matter. I also love the cover and definitely want to have it sitting on my bookshelf! 

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