Monday 7 November 2016

Review: All She Every Wished For by Claudia Carroll

If you're as excited about this book as I am, I took part in the blog tour on Monday so you can read an extract from the novel too-how fab is that?

One wet winter night, two women meet on a bridge. One is Tess Taylor, a personal trainer on the way to meet her boyfriend for date night. The other is Kate King, a celebrity married to a handsome billionaire who just happens to make her cry. In the cold dark evening, there is nothing to link them together but the bridge they shiver on. Little do they know they’ll both hold the key to each other’s future marriage…
All She Ever Wished For tells the story of what happens when your dream is about to come true. And what happens when that dream turns into a bit of a nightmare…

Review: This book was completely different from what I was expecting. I suppose that's why you should never judge a book by its cover and also why I should read blurbs before reading a book. I was expecting a love story in the snow but what I got was part fabulous gossip magazine and partly the story of so many people who have fallen out of a bad relationship and had to move back home with their parents (I know I've been there!). I really enjoyed this book. This was written from the perspective of Kate King, former supermodel and wife of a wealthy media mogul and Tess, a personal trainer who is weeks away from her wedding and suddenly finds her world turned upside down in more ways that one when she has to attend during duty. 

I really enjoyed the fact that this book was structured in this way. We got to see Tess in her life an the way she perceived the court case she was on and then we got to hear snippets from Kate's life through the medium of gossip columns or former gathering and parties that she had been involved in. It was always clear who we were talking about and which chapter was which and so the time shifts were not in any way confusing and were in fact the cohesion that held the story together. Loved this and it was part of the enjoyment of this book for me!

I really really identified with Tass. She was a little scatterbrained and couldn't seem to see the situations she was getting herself into as she went bumbling through her life but aren't those the best kind of heroines. I loved her honesty and I loved the way she dealt with everything that was thrown at her. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to be spoilery in anyway but she was just so real and I really enjoyed spending time in her world. We really get to know Kate through what is said about her more than her own thoughts and actions and this changes and evolves as the book goes on and so could have been a whole novel in itself. I really loved the way her character was crafted and felt myself warming to her as much as I did Tess. Because of the way this was written, I also felt like another member of the jury on this case-brilliant. 

Of course there are some fab supporting characters in this novel too. We have some love interests but to talk about them would b giving far to much away but the real stars for me in terms of secondary characters were the others members of the jury on the court case that Tess was on. They were absolutely hilarious and so well sketched out that I could picture meeting, sitting down and chatting to each and every one of them. I loved hearing this authors voice throughout the book and it was definitely a real change of storyline for me. This book was refreshing and riveting and had a real heart-warming ending, definitely a must-read!

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