Sunday 26 August 2018

Bout of Books Day 6 Update and Day 7 Challenge

Today was a really good reading day. Because I had that migraine hangover I just stayed in, like I literally didn't leave the apartment at all and was able to read on the sofa, in bed, in the bath, it was a good reading day. I also decided to switch genres to help get me out of a little bit of a reading rut. This was helped in part by owlcrate announcing their readathon this week so I decided to hit their goals whilst still doing bout of book of course. 

Their challenges were to read 1 book over the weekend that you'd received in Owlcrate and to read a genre you wouldn't usually pick up. They also had reading sprints on instagram which i took part in and I ran and took part in some reading sprints on twitter using the bout of books hashtag, so fun!

Day 7 Challenge
Today's challenge is to stretch your goals and I just filmed a little bit about this funnily enough. I have 25% of my ebook left to read, so that's about 100 pages and about 300 pages of my audiobook left to read and then I will have read 6 books this week. My audiobook can be listened to anywhere and anytime so that should work and since I listen on double speed its only about 6 hours remaining-yey! And the ebook can be read at other times so if I can just reach those goals I'll be a happy bunny!

Day 6 Update
So that Owlcrate book that I read yesterday was from the most recent box, Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart. This was 320 pages and I read it all in one sitting thanks to reading sprints. 

Then I read another 33% of my ebook which equates to about 137 pages. I will finish this one today so you can expect a review next week!

And finally I started another book I wanted to read this week. Since I had finished my audiobook on day 5 I decided to download this one on audio even though I have the paperback-hey it's another sale for this lovely author isn't it? I listened to 102 pages of this (I know the exact number because I have the paperback yey!) And again I will have a review of this one on the blog next week all being well so look out for that one to hear my thoughts!

Let me know how you've been getting on in the comments and look out for my wrap up and vlog on here and on my BookTube channel tomorrow!

Pages Read Today:  559
Pages Read This Week: 1789
Complete Books Finished: 4

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