Tuesday 28 August 2018

Review: Bad Twins by Rebecca Chance

Never trust the face in the mirror . . .
It’s no surprise to anyone that Jeffrey Sachs, billionaire CEO of his own hotel chain, has a drop-dead gorgeous Estonian mistress. But stepping down to spend his retirement years with her? No one saw that coming – least of all his wife!
So now the prize of becoming Sachs CEO is up for grabs – and Jeffrey’s four children have until the day of his wedding to compete for the job.
The front runner is Conway, the older son and golden boy. But Charlotte, a glamorous social media star with an Instagram-perfect family, is hugely ambitious, fully prepared to scheme and backstab to get to the top. Then there’s the dark horse: Bella, her mild-mannered, hard-working twin sister. Or could Bart, the youngest child, a sexy, incorrigible playboy, somehow catapult himself into Daddy’s good books?
In a game where the ultimate prize is power beyond your wildest dreams, you should never underestimate your competitors, even if they are family . . . and, it turns out, twins can be the most dangerous rivals of all . . .

Review: This was another classic from one of my favourite authors that I just don't talk about enough! This book had it all, opulent wealth, scandalous affairs and of course sibling rivalry. The twins in Bad Twins are just classic Rebecca Chance Characters, spectacularly larger than life but definitely believable enough for you to believe that their actions really could happen. Despite their sibling rivalry and between themselves and with the rest of their family, these women and strong and supportive of each other to the bitter end. That's one of the most wonderful things about Rebecca Chance novels, they feature strong women who tend to come out on top, no matter what is thrown at them. 

When we speak about a Rebecca Chance novel, we have to speak about the sex because this writer can concoct the most wonderful sex scenes that, again, are female friendly. They go on for pages but not so much that you get bored of them, so much that you can't believe they were over so quickly. There is always an extra element of scandal or mischief to her sex scene, some sort of forbidden element that make vanilla the farthest flavour from your mind. There is one scene which is a role play scene and a sort of rape is role played that made me a little uncomfortable but other than that I just wanted more characters orgasming left right and centre. 

Of course there is a scandalous storyline at the heart of this novel. Children vying to take over their fathers company and a new younger wife, for the umpteenth time who has more to her than meets the eye. The secondary characters all get their own time in the spotlight with affairs and risque behaviour and it all twists and ties together to form an ending that will have you exclaiming 'what?' right to the very last moment. In case you can't tell I was a big fan of this book and if you are looking for something a little different then I can highly recommend this one to add some spice to your TBR!

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