Tuesday 7 August 2018

Review: The Ultimate Survival Guide to Being a Girl by Christina De Witte

Addressing the struggles of young girls everywhere, this hilariously relatable comic guide to life provides real advice and encourages a new generation of teen girls to find confidence and embrace individuality.
With friends, love, social media, body image, and more--navigating young adulthood can seem impossible. The Ultimate Survival Guide to Being a Girl provides humorous and highly relatable guidelines for all of the struggles young girls face, presented in author Christina De Witte's signature comic style and told from the point of view of her lovable Instagram and Internet character, Chrostin. A Hyperbole and a Half for the young adult audience, the book includes comics and hands-on advice about serious issues like mental health and self-care, and also deals with questions on every young girl's mind, like "Can you survive on pizza alone?"
Quirky, hilarious, and sincere, The Ultimate Survival Guide to Being a Girl empowers young women to challenge society's unrealistic standards of beauty and embrace their individuality. This is sure to be a favorite for teen girls.

Review: Well this book was a delight and a treat and was even useful to me, a 33 year old woman! I think that this book really spans the ages. I think as soon as you begin talking to girls about periods and about sex that this book would be useful tool to have for  shared and independent reading. But it doesn't just give the facts and figures of growing up, no it covers a range of topics that span a range of ages. 

One of my favourite things about this book was the fact that the author draws upon personal experience in order to write about the topics that she covers. Thinking about going vegan? She's tried it and has the facts and opinions for you. Having some body confidence issues? She has had them too and can speak about her own experiences. This book covers all this and writing a resume, what 1000 calories looks like, how to cope with annoying families, how to cope with divorcing families, how to spot a true friend and how to stay safe online. 

The other great thing about this book is the fact that it isn't just pages and pages of texts. There are helpful illustrations, charts, check lists and things you can copy and use in every day life. It really is the essential tool kit, short and concise and something I would really recommend for the girls in your life!

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