Thursday 23 August 2018

Bout of Books Day 3 Update and Day 4 Challenge

Today wasn't the MOST productive reading day either but I DID finishing something so that's a win. I always secretly hope with a week long readathon that I'll read 7 books but I've not picked the best books as I haven't been enjoying them that much, mistake!

Top readathon tip-read books you actually enjoy and want to read, then you'll want to read them so much more!

Today's challenge is to share books with places you want to visit or to basically make a road trip out of books, those who know me will know what's coming next...

And yes that trip would be with both Angela and Jenny and I know I can't drive to London to let's fly!

Today I finished Sorority. I read the final 100 pages which is actually more reading that I thought I did of that one!

The I listened to another bit of save the date. Because I have the physical book I know this was 60 pages.

And I started The Adults on ebook. I'm only 10% in but I'm not really feeling this one yet, its published today so I'm hop;gin to get more stuck into it during my day 4 reading! 10% is 41 pages. 

Pages Read Today:  201
Pages Read This Week: 772
Complete Books Finished: 2

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